Enjoy all things green tea at IKEA’s Matcha Fair

Photos courtesy of IKEA
Photos courtesy of IKEA

Enjoy all things green tea at IKEA’s Matcha Fair

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Green tea has been an indispensable drink in Japan that you’ll find it virtually everywhere from drinks to dessert. Today, however, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve tried a few varieties already, as matcha is loved by a lot of people not only in Japan but throughout the world.

These days you’ll find matcha in many different foods and treats like cakes, pudding, lattes and other drinks. But, did you know that green tea is harvested in Japan from May to June?

To celebrate the harvest of these fragrant leaves, Sweden-based home furnishing chain IKEA is serving up matcha treats at its 13 affiliate shops throughout Japan until June 26.

Though IKEA is famous for the Swedish meatballs served at its cafeteria, you’ll want to make plans to try the 11 sweets at great prices available for the Matcha Fair.

Sample their matcha sundae, soft serve topped with sweet beans, warabi mochi and dark molasses for 250 yen ($2). At select stores, try the matcha afternoon tea set for 590 yen, and you can choose from three options including matcha gâteau au chocolat, matcha strawberry daifuku rice cake or matcha mont blanc cake. The set includes all-you-can-drink coffee and tea.

Options vary between IKEA stores and IKEA City Stores, so visit their website for more information on what matcha treats are available near you!

IKEA Matcha Fair

Period: Through June 26


Location: Restaurants and Bistros in IKEA shops throughout Japan (13 shops)


IKEA Tachikawa (a 30-minute drive from Yokota Air Base)
Hours: Mon-Fri, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., Sat, Sun and holidays, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.


IKEA Matcha Fair Lineups

Matcha soft ice cream, 120 yen
Matcha sandae with warabi mochi (bracken-starch pastry), 250 yen 
Matcha strawberry daifuku, 190 yen 
Matcha pancake with warabi mochi, 500 yen
Matcha afternoon tea set, 590 yen
Matcha gâteau au chocolat, 350 yen
Matcha mont blanc, 290 yen
Matcha tarte, 390 yen 
Matcha souffle roll, 290 yen
Matcha muffin, 250 yen 
Matcha bagel, 200 yen 

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