Chronic Tacos opens first Tokyo restaurant

Chronic Tacos opens first Tokyo restaurant

by Mary Miyamoto
Metropolis Magazine
When it comes to laid-back dining, Ginza is not the first place that comes to mind. The entertainment district is brimming with elegance; clusters of luxury store brands to five star eat-ins. So it’s not everyday that a stroll around Ginza will lead you to an American-style, Mexican-inspired taco joint that will remind you of authentic dining in the States.
In between the hustle and bustle of Ginza and Hibiya, a new dining experience will make its debut in Japan after 16 years of success overseas. The Japanese stock company K&Brothers specializes in bringing popular chain restaurants from America to Tokyo, and has taken advantage of the “fast casual” dining trend that originated in Newport Beach, California. Now, coming March 8, Japan will introduce its first ever Chronic Tacos – Mexican grill since 2002.
“Fast casual,” an intermediary between fast food and casual dining, is a growing trend in America’s food industry. Meals are prepared quickly but to a higher standard than typical fast food establishments, and are eaten in the comfort of an cool restaurant. The ethos of Chronic Tacos is that food should not just taste good, but also be enjoyed in the right environment. In this vein, the first ever Chronic Tacos in Tokyo, opening in Ginza this spring, displays a bundle of beautifully hand-arranged sakura flowers towering the center of the brick-tiled room.
What sets the Chronic Tacos team apart from their peers is the care they put into making every meal just the way the customer wants it. Named after its addictiveness, just one visit to this tex-mex joint will give eaters a bad (or good) case of taco fever. The perfect taste is personalized for everyone without sacrificing the customer’s time. “Fast casual” dining has made customization more simple than ever in Japan’s growing food industry. Choose between a variety of bases (three types of tacos, burrito, bowl-rito, quesadilla, etc.), select a protein (vegetarian options available), and top it off with a great selection of freshly made toppings and sauces. The ingredients are simple, but that doesn’t take away from the fresh quality and strong seasoning that packs a punch in every bite. In total, Chronic Tacos has 20 flavorful selections for anyone to find the perfect go-to meal, well paired with a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Chronic Tacos has made an effort to show that it has “Nothing to hide.” With this maxim quoted on every single cap, uniform, and apron, this is an eating joint that show pride in transparity. Expect 100% real meat and fresh, crisp vegetables daily, all locally sourced. The original Chronic Tacos founders, Randy Wyner and Dan Biello, share a respect for quality and authenticity. Present at the press launch for this up-and-coming Mexican grill, these Southern California locals have genuine and down-to-earth personalities that reflect in the food they love.
Imagine the speediness of a Taco Bell order combined with an elevated standard for taste, service and atmosphere. Chronic tacos is the epitome of fast-casual dining – eating out in an cozy environment on your own, or with friends, family and co-workers. Eat respectably, soak in the surroundings and taste new flavors. Chronic Tacos offers a taste of Mexican-American fusion for any palette.

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