2023's coolest ice creams to get right now in Tokyo

Images: PR Times
Images: PR Times

2023's coolest ice creams to get right now in Tokyo

by Cassandra Lord
Live Japan

Summer in Tokyo is HOT! So here are some of the trendiest ice creams, shaved ices, and cool treats to cool off for 2023.

LOTTE DO Cacao: Lotte’s Famous Chocolate, as Ice Cream!

In Japan, LOTTE is one of the most well-known chocolate brands, and sells its sweet treats wherever you go. So chocolate fans will be glad to know that their specialty store in Shibuya now offers delightfully rich chocolate ice cream for these hot summer months!

The new ice cream selection features a trio of chocolates from Ghana, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. The Ghana chocolate is said to have a deep, nutty flavor, while that of Papua New Guinea is fruity and sour, and Indonesia red berry with oaky aromas.

You can order your ice cream cup with your favorite fruits, nuts, and even cacao sauce for a total of 880 yen, get it plain for 550 yen, or try a tasting set of all three for 550 yen.

LOTTE DO Cacao STORE, 1-8-11 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0041

Lawson: Convenient Array of Chilled Cream Treats

Coming in with a curve ball is popular convenience store Lawson, with its array of chilled cream goodies that you can find around every corner, in and outside of Tokyo!

Lawson has partnered with their long-term collaboration pal, MILK, to bring us a selection of seven funky cream treats you won’t find elsewhere, including chilled cream sandwiches and mochi-like condensed milk daifuku.

The one that really catches our attention is the fresh cream sandwich (343 yen) that is filled to the brim with Hokkaido cream.

Hokkaido is known for its great dairy products, so we’re excited to try it, as well as the “Fluffy Cream” sandwich (257 yen) that also uses that northern dairy!

As well as those, there is the choux pastry, choux bread, dorayaki, and melon pan, all filled with refreshing and rich chilled milk!

Lawson stores around Japan (*Availability may differ depending on store and location)

Lobby Bar at the Tokyo EDITION: Champagne Kakigori and Refreshing Fruity Cocktails

Ready to get a little fruity? What about a little tipsy? The swanky Lobby Bar in Toranomon has you covered either way with their new naeme collaboration, “Visionary Disco Cocktails vol.2”.

The collection features delightful fruity flavors combined with fresh herbs from the herb garden naeme based in the countryside of Kamogawa in Chiba Prefecture.

Their cocktails feature delightful citrus and herb blends, like their Urban Cosmo which is made with cinnamon basil, vodka, organic calvados, blood orange, cranberry, and citrus (2,300 yen)

But for that extra-cool treat, there are also two magnificent kakigori, a type of Japanese shaved ice. For that fruity punch, you can go for the Mango Shaved Ice for 3,800 yen. But if you’re feeling fancy...

You could splash out for the extravagant Ruinart Blanc de Blancs Champagne Kakigori for 7,500 yen! Take your pick!

Lobby Bar, Floor 31, The Tokyo EDITION, 4-1-1, Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo 105-0001

Ura no Yama Ki no Ko: Asian Style Fluffy Shaved Ice

Finally, if you want to try something a little different for Japan’s tough summers, Shibuya’s Ura no Yama Ki no Ko is the place for you.

Ura no Yama Ki no Ko is a Chinese restaurant serving delicious hot pot and Chinese dishes, but for summer they have introduced a refreshing array of four different shaved ice desserts (AKA Kakigori).

Their four shaved ice options are all made in the fluffy, milky way you would expect to find in Japan, but with tasty and unique flavorings. The flavors feature mango (1,300 yen), black sesame (1,100 yen), condensed milk with rock salt (900 yen), pistachio (1,100 yen), and extra-pistachio (1,300 yen).

The regular pistachio version comes with a little monkey treat on top!

We’ve even heard that there’s a mushroom shaved ice coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you want something really different!

Ura no Yama Ki no Ko, Ichiban Bldg., 2F, Dogenzaka 1−3−11, Shibuya, Tokyo, 150-0043

A Treat for Your Tastebuds
That’s all for our 2023 ice creams, shaved ices, and sweet treats for your Tokyo summer vacation, but if you want to find out more about Japan’s tasty summer foods then take a look at the article below and broaden your culinary horizons!

*All prices are tax-inclusive

Sources: PR Times



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