Yokota High explores ‘Power of One’

Yokota High explores ‘Power of One’

by Nora Grace True and Devynn Martin
Yokota High School

In Mr. Wagner’s Honors English Class at Yokota High School, the Power of One project occupied the third Quarter, and involved every student researching, analyzing, and writing about the life and legacy of an author whose impact stretched beyond his/her time. Every student chose a different author, some very dear to that particular individual’s heart, some the student had never previously heard about. Authors chosen included F. Scott Fitzgerald, Dr. Seuss, Gloria Steinem, Leo Tolstoy, and C.S. Lewis, to name a few. Throughout this project our fellow classmates became experts on their chosen writer’s life, as well as the impact they left on literature and society at large.

“In researching my personal author choice, C.S. Lewis, his life and literary works broadened my horizons,” said Nora Grace True. “Through various literary forms, Lewis’ works reflected through symbolism his religious beliefs.”

“While I was researching Gloria Steinem, my personal author choice, her political views as well as the radical notions that are a product of second-wave feminism often snakes into her works, because they largely focused on those topics,” said Devynn Martin.

In completing the project, all students had to read multiple literary works of their chosen author, complete a total of twenty eight notecards containing information that pertains to the individual, write a 1,300 to 1,500 word research paper, and construct a tri-fold displaying highlights of their author. All these activities grew the skills within our fellow classmates and taught us to be independent and take responsibility for ensuring we had all the information necessary to present on a topic. This research project made an impact on the students and increased their overall wisdom, understanding, and perspective of literature.


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