Yokota chapter of the National Honor Society holds the Induction Ceremony

Yokota chapter of the National Honor Society holds the Induction Ceremony

by Kathryn Codiamat
National Honor Society Secretary

On Thursday, 2 May 2019, the following forty-one new members of Yokota High School had the privilege of being inducted into the Yokota High School Chapter of the National Honor Society:

Noelle Asato - 10th
Emma Ball - 10th
Stephen Berck - 10th
Marcus Berrette - 10th
Kathryn Codiamat - 10th
Ramishamie Dashler - 11th
Chris DeGrella - 10th
Kailea Ha’ani De Leon - 11th
Kirin Fisher - 11th
Katherine Frost - 10th
Smith Frost - 12th
Emina Garcia - 10th
Julianie Gonzalez - 11th
Elena Gray - 10th
Mareesa Guzman - 10th
Patrick Hakun - 10th
Kara Hullman - 10th
Emmalyn Kartchner - 10th
Anthony Logue - 10th
Tanner Marlowe - 10th
Andrew Martinez - 10th
Kyler McElroy - 10th
Sydney Mudery - 10th
Jeffery Mullarkey - 10th
Gwyn Nacionales - 10th
Andrea Pampuan - 10th
Julia Phung - 10th
Joseley Quevedo - 10th
Emma Remley - 10th
Kristen Samar - 10th
Danica Setka - 11th
Cadense Snow - 10th
Cohen Stone - 10th
Katie Stull - 10th
Emily Taynton - 11th
Haven True - 11th
Trai Tuxhorn - 10th
Jessica Vernon - 10th
Isaac Ward - 10th
Madeline Warner - 11th
Magdalena Wiedie - 10th

Vice Principal Marian Leverette was the keynote speaker and gave an inspiring speech, as the new inductees listened intently to her inspiring words. Leverette bestowed upon the inductees words of experience and advice to help them in their academic careers, and impressed upon them the importance of NHS to a school and community. Yokota High School’s “Commons” was chosen as the venue for this year’s induction, since it lies at the center of our 21st Century Learning Facility.

At the changing of leadership ceremony, held on May 29th, 2019, Monique Ferrer, President of the Yokota chapter of the National Honor Society, handed over her position of responsibility and leadership to newly elected NHS president, Hannah Swygert, who will lead the NHS program through the 2019-2020 school year. Alongside Swygert were the other 2019-2020 NHS officers, who will work together to ensure a productive year for NHS. These newly-appointed officers are: Stacy Morioka, Vice-President; Kathryn Codiamat, Secretary; Chloe Dozier, Treasurer; and Jaliyah Bailey, Parliamentarian.

The Chapter Adviser, Mrs. Bethany Inman said farewell and sayonara to the members at their last meeting as she will be PCSing to Iwakuni for the 2019-2020 school year.

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