Snacks with Crusaders at Shirley Lanham ES

Snacks with Crusaders at Shirley Lanham ES

by Cheri A. Hayes
Shirley Lanham ES

What is Snacks with Crusaders?

This is a monthly activity to promote literacy and share your love for reading with our little Crusaders. It is a great opportunity to read a book in a classroom to help in the continuous effort of exposing our students to various genres, cultures, and styles of literature. We also share snacks with the readers! Readers can bring a favorite book to share with our students from their childhood, their culture, or a new book that students may have not been exposed to. We also have a wide selection of books for you to choose from.

Our next Snacks with Crusaders will be held on March 23, April 20, and May 25, 2018. Please send us an email ( to let us know you will volunteer…

Special Thanks to all the Camp Fuji Marines (Abdejamin, LCPL., Acox, LCPL., Alford, LCPL., Barnett, SGT., Becerra, PFC., Cho, LT., Duwong, LCPL., Garza, SGT., Gonzalez, LCPL., Guevara, PFC., Htoo, CPL., Johnson, LCPL., LamarcheRosario, LCPL., Liburd, CPL., Milesgreen, LCPL., Miller, HM3, Miller, LCPL., Pachella, LCPL., Patterson, SGT., Thompson, SGT., Torres, LCPL., TurrubiartesReyes, LCPL., Valenzuela, LCPL., Vidal, LCPL., Wheeler, LCPL., Wisnicky, RP3, Zhao, PFC.) who came out to support our event. Your presence, enthusiasm and commitment to our military connected students are appreciated. Special thanks to our community members from Navy Federal Credit Union (Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. Medina), Fleet and Family Support Services (Mrs. Fields), and the Red Cross (Mrs. Mautino) for being part of this great event. Last, but definitely not least, our V.I.P’s (Very Important Parents), Mrs. Kimberly Anderson, Mrs. Alicia Brunson, Mrs. Kristin Cohen, Mrs. Heather Escamilla, Mrs. Carletta Mack, and Mrs. Genée Monaghan.

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