Get crafty: Mother's Day card

Jola's creations card of flower
Jola's creations card of flower

Get crafty: Mother's Day card

Jola's Creations,

If you would like to give your mom a handmade card that is made with love and designed just for her, follow this tutorial. The card is easy to make and doesn’t require expensive materials or special supplies.

• One sheet each of pink, green and yellow paper (letter or A4 size)
• One sheet of blank card paper 5’’ by 7’’
• Bow or some ribbon to make a little bow
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Pencil
• Regular liquid glue (Mod Podge or some other)
• Small paintbrush to apply glue

Step 1. Cut pink and green paper into 5 mm wide (or ¼’’) and 21 cm (or 8¼’’) strips like shown in the picture. The card has seven flowers, nine leaves and five stems, so you will need 33 strips of pink paper and 14 strips of green paper.

Step 2. First let’s make the green leaves. Mark ¾’’ inch on a green strip and fold the strip at the mark, fold again and again, glue each end. Squeeze the leaf between your fingers to give it the shape. Repeat until you make eight more leaves.

Step 3. Let’s make the petals. Mark 1.5’’ on a pink strip and fold the strip at the mark, then bend the strip inside and glue the edge, fold again and again. Make sure to fold only the bottom of the petal and bend the paper for the top of the petal; glue the edge at the end. Squeeze the petal between your fingers to give it more shape. Make 32 more petals.

Step 4. Make the stems. Fold the green paper strips in half and glue the edges so they won’t open.

Step 5. Use the yellow paper sheet and cut a 3.5’’ by 5.5’’ rectangle. Arrange the flowers on the yellow background. First glue the pink petals. Arrange the stems and glue them to the flower petals and together at the mark where you put the bow; cut at the bottom if they are too long. Lastly, glue the green leaves in the empty places between the flowers and stems.

Step 6. Now glue the yellow background on the card, glue the bow, and your card is finished. Happy Mother’s Day!

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