Building successful study habits

Building successful study habits

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Japan

With the school year almost in full swing, many students will be juggling homework and a life outside of school. While there are certainly more enjoyable tasks, there is no doubt that homework needs to take priority.  Take the stress out of studying and homework by getting in the habit of utilizing these successful study habits.

  • Set aside a time for studying. Pick a time after school that can always be utilized for studying. Perhaps it’s right after dinner or as soon as students come home. Being consistent with timing will establish a routine.
  • Set goals. Be aware of upcoming assignments and tasks that need to be completed. Prioritize assignments that are due first or studying for upcoming tests. Before study time is over, complete all necessary assignments.
  • Start with the hardest assignment. In order to gauge how much time you will need to complete homework or studying, start with the hardest task first. That way you aren’t already tired from multiple other assignments.
  • Utilize other students in your class. If questions arise, don’t hesitate to call other students for clarification or help. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into cheating!
  • Don’t procrastinate. Often easier said than done, procrastinating can be a student’s worst nightmare. It’s important to stay on top of tasks so that you don’t get bogged down with too much on a single day or weekend.
  • Eliminate distractions. Be sure to find a space that will not distract you. If necessary, stay away from the TV, phone and radio in order to concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Get organized. Keep some sort of planner or list of assignments and due dates. You can take pride in crossing items off the list as you complete them.  

By utilizing these tips and tricks for studying, any student can stay on top of their schoolwork while simultaneously enjoying being a kid. All it takes is a little determination and organization. By following these guidelines, the stress of completing homework on time should be all but a thing of the past, if you stick with it! 





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