The benefits of understanding and taking interest in research

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The benefits of understanding and taking interest in research

by Jennifer Brown
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Research is one of those fields that has numerous subfields in different topics. What makes research so versatile is that it covers just about any field as long as there are researchers willing to study a topic. Even in the United States military, there are many ongoing research projects on the cusp of a scientific breakthrough. As part of the Navy, I have witnessed many studies seeking to learn the effects of certain treatments on patient illnesses. Empirical and literature reviews specifically are some of the methods utilized in research projects.

Being a member of the military, I have participated in many research projects, both inside and out of the military. As a psychology researcher, one of the takeaways has been that discovery can lead to changes in governmental policy. While this isn’t necessarily something that happens every time, the effect is real. If we did not learn from the research being done by experts in the field, then why are we doing the research in the first place?

Likewise, taking an interest in the research studies going on in your area of expertise can enhance your services. In the psychology field, psychologists and therapists working in private practice may find a research project that may benefit their clients. Interestingly, research that specifically is of interest to clinicians can also be adapted or incorporated into their skillset, or in special circumstances. While this example may be specific to psychological research, this process can essentially be incorporated into any skillset or career field. Even if you are working in a group format or for a construction company, the ongoing research in an important field to you may hold more weight than anything else. Specifically, this may be true if you keep up with the research regarding political topics, as new research may sway your opinion regarding certain ideas as well.

However you perceive research the main point is to be more open to what is going on in your field of interest and see how you can add it somehow into your daily life or work life. Understanding the benefits as well as the disadvantages are drawn from certain theories affects us all in some way, big or small. Likewise, there may be websites you can follow for research studies on a particular subject. Research and the work being done by the researchers within our respective fields are valuable and key to the modernization and development of those in and in adjacent industries.

Jennifer Brown is a hospital corpsman at U.S. Naval Medical Center San Diego. Originally from Florida, she joined the Navy in 2018 and has been stationed on Okinawa for two years and San Diego for under a year. During her free time, Brown enjoys spending time with animals, running, rock climbing, and hiking. She is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida and holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Her professional interests include social work, animal welfare, and children.

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