11 fun things to do online with friends

Photo by RODNAE via Pexels
Photo by RODNAE via Pexels

11 fun things to do online with friends

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Looking to have fun online with your friends? Keep reading to find out how.

Sometimes, you may find yourself hundreds of miles away from your friends, but this should not stop you from being able to hang out with each other. There are many online activities you can all enjoy together. You can do practically anything together online. No need to go to a cinema – you can watch Netflix together online. Want to play some games – you can go from playing Bingo online to chess. The options are endless!

1. Drawing Together 

Whether you are looking to play your makeshift version of Pictionary or are just looking for something relaxing and stress-relieving to do – drawing with your friends is a great option. There are many different drawing sites online where you can draw together, ‘Draw.Chat’ and Aggie.io are both great choices. ‘Draw.Chat’ has the layout of an online meeting with a whiteboard – this way, you can all talk to each other whilst doodling away. From playing hangman to drawing little sketches, this is a great option. ‘Aggie.io’ has a lot more tools for you to use – it has a layout somewhat similar to photoshop, and you are able to paste images onto a shared screen.

2. Stream a TV Show

There are many applications that will let you watch the same show at the same time with your friends. This is a great option for a group Netflix session! You can watch television shows, movies, short films, and just about anything you’d like. Applications such as ‘Teleparty’ allow you to sync up your Netflix account with anyone across the world – if you are looking to watch a show that is specific to a certain region, you may want to use a VPN first. 

3. Quizzes and Trivia

A great way to bond with your friends is through some healthy competition. You can play a bunch of quizzes or trivia games to see who’s the smartest of the bunch. There are an endless amount of quizzes and general knowledge questions all over the internet. You might want to make things interesting and set a timer. Try to answer as many questions as you can in 1 minute!

4. Workout Together

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Finding the time and motivation to work out can be a hassle, but having a workout buddy makes it a lot more manageable. You can find workouts on YouTube and do them with your friends. From yoga to HIIT workouts, there are plenty of choices. You might even want to start a competition to see who can hold a yoga pose or stay in a plank the longest. Having an online workout buddy will ensure you are constantly working out and looking after yourself – this is a great option for anyone who is feeling a little apprehensive about joining a gym and wants to start off small. 

5. Karaoke 

Long gone are the days when you needed to be in a bar to enjoy some karaoke. There are many applications such as ‘Smule’ that will allow you to sing a duet of the top hits. You can also always find a karaoke version of your favorite song online and sing your lungs out over FaceTime or Skype. Another great thing is you can always turn down the volume on any of your friends that seem to be a tad awful with their pitch.

6. Games 

Gaming is a great way for you to connect with your friends online. There are many multiplayer games you can play online, there are also many mobile games. ‘Among Us’ is a great game to play with your friends, you can play from your computers, tablets, and even your phones – this makes it extremely easy to access. In the game, you wander around a spaceship whilst trying to complete certain tasks, one player will be the imposter who is trying to sabotage everything. If this doesn’t sound like a game you would enjoy, no need to fear as there are hundreds waiting for you and your friends online. 

7. Virtual Escape Rooms

Online escape rooms are great if you and your friends love solving puzzles together. You can also find a lot of themed escape rooms online. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you can find escape rooms where you are trying to help Hagrid escape some dementors. Whatever you’re a fan of, there is most likely an online escape room based around it. 

8. Start a Book Club 

Photo by Caio via Pexels

If you and your friends like reading, starting an online book club is a great option. You can pick a different book or chapter to talk about each week. You can also buy ebooks and read them together. Setting up a discord channel for your book club will be a great way for you to talk about the book with your friends and keep each other updated.

9. Make a Playlist 

For any music fans out there, you can spend some time creating collaborative playlists for your friends. You can often use Spotify to let you pick and edit any songs. The great thing is you can completely customize your playlist by choosing the name and cover image. You can have as many people as you’d like editing the playlist. You could also set a challenge and create a personalized playlist for your friends to enjoy. This is a great option for anyone who is really into their music and wants to share their favorite songs with their friends. 

10. Be an Online Tourist

Google maps is a great way to discover new places around the globe. You can use the street view option to walk through Rome with your friends online. This is a great way to discover cities you have always wanted to visit. You can literally look anywhere you want and commence on an online walking tour. 

11. Cook Dinner Together 

Eating alone can get lonely, so why not do it with some friends? You can pick a recipe online, get the ingredients and cook together over Skype or Facetime. This is a great option for any foodies out there as well as anyone who is perhaps just starting to get into cooking. You can even be on the phone with your mates when you’re in the grocery store picking out a perfect wine for your dish.


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