Welcome a new year at home

Welcome a new year at home

by Stacy Roman
Stripes Japan

Normally full of glitz and glamour, elaborate fireworks, countdowns and plenty of revelry, this year’s New Year’s Eve is bound to be much quieter. Lavish celebrations in cities across the globe have been canceled and replaced with lockdowns or harsh restrictions. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t party at home (within your household or bubble)! If there was ever a time to welcome a new year, it’s now. Here are some ways to ring in the new year from home.

Get glammed up. Pull out your favorite sparkly dress or dashing bow tie and celebrate in style! Get dressed to the nines and enjoy a fancy dinner party in your dining room. Order your favorite takeout, plate it on your best china and toast with your favorite beverage in wine glasses.

Virtually visit your canceled vacation destination. If you’ve had your trip to Italy or France canceled, why not head there from home? Download a backdrop of the city you were planning to visit or put on a movie from that location. Make some of your favorite foods, such as homemade pasta from Italy, gyros or roast lamb from Greece, or even schnitzel and spätzle from Germany, and get into the vacation spirit. Take a virtual trip through famous museums and landmarks with no lines to wait in.

Break out the board games. Dust off Monopoly or Risk for hours-long fun (and see how ruthless your family members can actually be). Or schedule an online party with family and friends. Party favorites such as Pictionary, Exploding Kittens and the adults-only Cards Against Humanity are great options to play virtually.

Get crafty. It’s always easy to purchase decorations from retailers online; however, sometimes it’s more fun to make your own. Create confetti poppers from empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls and wrapping paper, or make your own headbands and hats. If you’re feeling ambitious, grab a foam ball and rod to design your own midnight ball drop. Just go easy on the glitter — it sticks to everything and you’ll be finding it throughout the rest of the year.

Make delicious cocktails or mocktails. If you’ve stocked up for the holiday, get in touch with your inner-mixologist and try out some new cocktails. There are plenty of recipes to choose from such as red wine hot chocolate, rum berry cocktail and confetti champagne. Non-alcoholic recipes like a pineapple mojito, mock winter sangria or frosted lemonade are also worth a try.

Pajama jam dance party. Get in your favorite comfy clothes, download a mix of the best songs from 2020 (or just anything with some thumping beats) and have a dance party in the living room. Have a small prize ready for whoever has the best (or worst) dance moves.

Camp out movie marathon. Grab some blankets, sleeping bags, pillows, or heck, make a couch fort and snuggle in for a movie marathon. Epic adventures like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Harry Potter series will provide hours (and days if you watch the MCU movies) of entertainment. Or catch up on a favorite TV series such as “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ or “Schitt’s Creek” on Netflix.

Play the New Year’s resolution game. I’m pretty sure none of us would have guessed we’d be in the throes of a global pandemic this time last year. This year, have your family members write down their resolutions or future predictions in the months ahead. Put them in a bowl, draw them out one at a time and try to guess which resolution or prediction belongs to who. Save them for next year’s festivities to see if any came to pass.

Even though ringing in the new year looks much different from years past, it can definitely be just as much fun if you get a little creative. Happy New Year!


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