VIDEO: Speakin’ Japanese: Is this an obligation chocolate? 

VIDEO: Speakin’ Japanese: Is this an obligation chocolate? 

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching. It may seem strange, but in Japan, Valentine’s Day is the lady’s day to confess her love. On this day, women give chocolates (often homemade ones) to men to express their love and admiration.

But, just because you are lucky enough to get chocolates on February 14, don’t assume it’s a token of love!

This day, women also give “giri-choko” or “obligation chocolate” given as courtesy to male friends, supervisors and co-workers on Valentine’s Day.

So, today’s Japanese phrase is: “Korewa giri-choko desuka?” = Is this an obligation chocolate? 
("korewa .. desuka?" = is this .. ?, "giri-choko" = obligation chocolate) 
Again, try to avoid thinking every woman who gives you chocolate loves you. Stay safe and have a happy Valentine’s Day with a unique Japanese custom! 

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