VIDEO| Speakin’ Japanese: Buckle up!

VIDEO| Speakin’ Japanese: Buckle up!

by Shoji Kudaka
Stripes Japan

In Japan, drivers and passengers are required by law to wear a seat belt. Failing to do so can not only lead to adding penalty points to your record but also putting lives at risk. So next time you get behind the wheel, keep this phrase in mind: “Shiito beruto wo kichinto shimete kudasai,” which means “Please buckle up properly.”

“Shiito beruto wo kichinto shimete kudasai”


(“Shiito beruto” – seat belt, “wo” – a proposition to put after a noun which functions as an object, “kichinto” – properly, “shimete/shimeru” – fasten, “kudasai” – please ~)

Ok, stay safe and see you all in the next episode of Speakin’ Japanese!

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