Turn your weight loss resolution into reality

Turn your weight loss resolution into reality

by StatePoint
If you have a lot of weight to lose in the New Year, it may feel like an insurmountable challenge, especially if you have struggled with weight loss before. Here are a few ways to turn your resolution into a reality.
Get Moving
These are more ways than ever to get moving these days – from video games that encourage movement to online portals that allow users to try out different local exercise classes commitment-free. The most important thing is to find activities you enjoy doing, so it never feels like a chore. Whether it’s taking a dance class or going for a bike ride, you can stay motivated if it’s fun and takes your mind off the fact that you are actually exercising.
Rethink Portion Control
Portion control is fundamental to weight loss; however, the typical diet can often leave you feeling hungry or dissatisfied. To adapt to healthier potion sizes, consider a weight loss balloon such as Orbera, which is placed inside the stomach during a short, non-surgical procedure and remains there for six months, doing what most diets cannot do. It helps you feel full and lose weight by taking up space in the stomach, and slowing the digestion of food, helping dieters lose up to three times the weight of diet and exercise alone.
“I was a heart attack waiting to happen and I knew I needed to do something long-term to change my life,” says David Cox, an Orbera patient who lost 50 lbs with the device. “When I did the research, I could see people like me staying healthy for a long period of time, and I thought, ‘that’s going to work for me’.”
This weight loss aid was designed for those who tried other weight loss programs, but were unable to lose weight and keep it off. To learn more, visit Orbera.com.
Get Help
Most major endeavors gain momentum with help. Weight loss is no exception. Be sure to seek out resources and tools to aid your efforts, as well as support from friends, family and professionals.
Many weight loss programs help their users by offering interactive support, free recipes and other resources. For example, Orbera offers as 12-month program that includes an online coaching system where patients are able to connect with dietitians via video conferencing, as well as tracking tools that make it easy to share progress with coaches and doctors.
Losing weight sustainably and for good can be simple with smart strategies and the right support. So, this year, don’t just resolve to lose weight; actually do it.

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