Speakin' Japanese: Sea-life speak

Speakin' Japanese: Sea-life speak

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It’s still not too late to go to the beach in September while water is still warm. Try using some of these words or phrase while there – or the next time you’re at a sushi restaurant.

“Umi ni ikimashou!” = Let’s go to sea (beach).
“Kurage wa imasuka?” = Are there any jellyfish?
“kurage” = jellyfish, “same” = shark, “sakana” = fish, “kame” = turtle,
“kujira” = whale

“Watashiwa kirei na kaigara wo mitsuke mashita.” = I found a beautiful seashell.
“Kaigara” = seashell
“Kono sakana no namae wa nan desuka?” = What is the name of this fish?
“Yasei no iruka wo mita koto ga arimasuka?” = Have you seen wild dolphins?
 “yasei” = wild, “iruka” = dolphins,  
“Uni ni ki wo tsukete kudasai.” = Please watch out (be careful) for sea urchins.
“Shii fuudo no oishii omise wa dokodesuka?” = Where is a good seafood restaurant?
“shii fuudo” = seafood

“Maguro onegaishimasu.” = Please have some tuna.
“maguro” = tuna, “ebi” = shrimp, “hamachi” = yellowtail, “Saa mon” = salmon, “uni” = sea urchin, “unagi” = freshwater eel, “anago” = sea eel, “nigiri” = raw fish atop rice-style sushi, “maki” = sushi roll, “temaki” = hand roll

you can also say it in “Uchinaanguchi” (island dialect) like this:
“iyu” = fish,
“Shibi” = maguro
“gurukun” = a popular reef fish on Okinawa

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