Speakin' Japanese: Doing depachika

Speakin' Japanese: Doing depachika

by Shoji Kudaka and Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Doing depachika
When you enter these foodie heavens in the basement of Japanese department stores, you might want to use a few of these words and phrases. Hey, give it a shot and have some fun!

“Kore wa nan desu ka?” = What is this?
(“kore” = this, “are” = that, “sore” = it, “nan desu ka?” = what is?)

“Are wa Ikura desuka?” = How much is that?
 (“ikura” = how much)

“Motto ookii-no wa arimasen ka?” = Don’t you have a larger size?
(“motto” = more/much, “ookii” = big, “chiisai” = small, “arimasen ka?” = don’t you have?)

“Moosukoshi yasui chokoreeto ga hoshii desu.” = I want a little cheaper chocolate.
(“moosukoshi” = a little bit more, “yasui” = cheap, “takai” = expensive, “hoshii” = want)

“Osusume wa nan desuka?” = What is your recommendation?
(“osusume” = recommendation)

“Sore wo kudasai.” = Give me that one.
(“kudasai” = give me)

“Moohitotsu kudasai.” = Give me one more.
(“moohitotsu” = one more)

“Kore wa dooyatte tabemasu ka?” = How can I sample this?
(“doyatte” = how, “tabemasu ka?” = can I sample?)

“Sore wa dooyatte ryoori shimasu ka?” = How can I cook it?
(“ryoori shimasu ka?” = can I cook?

“Kaado wa tsukae masuka?” = Can I use my credit card?
(“kaado” = credit card, “tukae masuka?” = can I use?)

“Shishoku dekimasu ka?” = Can I sample?
(“shishoku” = free sampling)

“Chuushaken wo itadakemasu ka?” = Can I get a parking voucher?
(“chuushaken” = parking ticket/voucher, “itadakemasu ka?” = Can I have?)

“Maguro no kaitai shoo wa nanji desu ka?” = What time will the tuna filleting show begin?
(“maguro” = tuna, “kaitai shoo” = filleting show, “nanji desu ka?” = what time?)

When on OKINAWA, you can also say it in “Uchinaanguchi” (island dialect) like this:

“Depart ya Nannji Ni Shimai Biiga?” = What time does the department store close?

“Kuji Ni Sihmai biin” = At 9.

“Kuree Nuu Yai Biiga?” = What is this?

“Kuree Chaa Yai Biiga?” = How about this?

“Nuuga Maasai Biiga?” = What tastes good?, What would you recommend?

“Durree Jyoutou Yai Biiga?” = Which is better?


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