Speakin’ Japanese: Karaoke crooning

Speakin’ Japanese: Karaoke crooning

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Japanese love karaoke. When joining this must-do activity in Japan, always have a couple songs in mind and some of these useful words and phrases at the ready.

“Karaoke ni ikimasho” = Let’s go to (sing) karaoke.
 (“ni ikimasho” = let’s go to)

“Karaoke wa sukidesuka?” = Do you like karaoke?
(“sukidesuka?” = do you like?)

“Daisuki desu” = I like it very much.
“Kirai desu” = I don’t like it.
“Maa maa desu” = so, so
“Karaoke ni ittakoto ga arimasen.” = I have never been to karaoke.
(“ni ittakoto ga arimasen” = never been to)

“Donna uta ga suki desuka?” = What kind of song do you like?
(“Donna” = what kind of; “uta” = song)

“Hip-hop ga sukidesu.” = I like hip-hop.
“Furui uta wo utaimasu.” = I sing old songs.

“Totemo jyouzu”= Very good.
(“totemo” = very, “jyouzu”= good)

“Saikou“= Super!

“Isshoni utaimasho” = Let’s sing together.
(“isshoni” = together)

“Watashi wa uta ga heta desu.” = I am not a good singer.
(“heta” = not good)

“maiku” = microphone
“ankohru” = encore
“ballado” = ballad

“Mou ikkyoku onegaishimasu.” = One more song please.
(“mou” = more; “ikkyoku” = one song; “nikyoku” = two songs; “sankyoku” = three songs)

“Oto wo ookiku shitekudasai.” = Please turn up the volume.

“Encho shimasho.” = Let’s extend the time.

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