One shot = lots of memories with MWR Sasebo

Photos courtesy of MWR Sasebo
Photos courtesy of MWR Sasebo

One shot = lots of memories with MWR Sasebo

by Shirley Tatto
MWR Sasebo

Going to special events with Family and Friends is always a great way to de-stress from a long day and enjoy each other’s company. Who doesn’t love having fun and seeing lots of smiling faces? One thing that a lot of us enjoy is capturing the moments with a picture or video.

“Picture, or it didn’t happen” Nowadays, we like to capture almost everything we do. We take pictures of our food, our “OOTD” (Outfit of the day), what we’re doing ‘ATM’ (at the moment), in the gym, traveling, you name it. For a lot of us, we like any opportunity to take a picture with family, friends or even a selfie to remember a certain time in our lives. Having props and a unique backdrop always makes for a good time! We can get into character, stand behind a funny frame, do a silly pose, the more smiles and laughs the better!

At MWR Marketing, we love to create exciting memories for our community. We come up with lots of ideas on how we can make sure our guests of all ages are enjoying their time. When there is an upcoming event, we will brain storm ideas for a picture opportunity or a keepsake for people to take home from the event. Events such as the Easter egg hunt had great photo opportunities. Guests enjoyed hiding then popping up from the carrots props. When traveling was just not an option for us, the Marketing team brought the road trip to the base! People were able to take pictures in the busy streets of New York, with the bright lights in Las Vegas, walk around the Grand Canyon or listen to great music on Bourbon Street just to name a few.

Behind every event are teams that worked hard in putting it all together, detail by detail. Seeing everyone having a good time, lets us know it was a success. Our goal is that people might find a keepsake or a picture will pop up on their Memories and will remember “That fun time we had at Sasebo.”

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