NAVY 311 Answers the Call

NAVY 311 Answers the Call

by Sea Warrior Program (PEO EIS PMW 240)
U.S. Navy

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Have a question? Don't know who to call to find help with your issue? The answer is as simple as dialing 1-855-NAVY 311, or navigating to Serving as the single point of entry for assistance, NAVY 311 is your guide when you don't know which help desk to call.

NAVY 311 services are available to Sailors and other service members, military families, civilians, veterans, contractors, and the occasional inquisitive citizen.

"The NAVY 311 service desk is always available," said Kris Leonard, Sea Warrior (PMW240) assistant program manager for NAVY311. "We support over 1.3 million requests annually and provide a gateway to assistance on a number of issues, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year."

NAVY 311 is your gateway for the following issues:

- Systems and equipment: (e.g., hull, mechanical and electrical, weapon systems, IT, technical data).

- Quality of life: (e.g., medical and chaplain care).

- Personnel: (e.g., career, manpower, training).

- Supply and logistics: (e.g., requisition follow-ups, ordnance, food service, household goods).

- Installations and facilities: (e.g., environmental, public works, community support)

Requests to NAVY 311 are frequently related to systems and equipment aboard ships. NAVY 311 provides support to Sailors at sea who are searching for information or parts to keep everything in working order. In one case, a Petty Officer 2nd Class from the USS Emory S Land (AS 39) initiated a chat session with NAVY 311 for technical documentation. The Sailor needed information to obtain a tech manual for the Shop Shipfitter Punch and Shear Machine. NAVY 311 researched the request and provided the Sailor with the proper title and stock number.

In another example, a Damage Controlman 1st Class Petty Officer aboard USS Oak Hill (LSD 51) did not know where to go with questions about Commuted Rations (COMRATS) so he went to the NAVY 311 website and started a chat. NAVY 311 was able to get him answers from the Navy Personnel Command (NPC) Helpdesk.

NAVY 311 is here to help, as a Staff Sergeant recently found out when he did not know who to reach to repair a cracked LCD screen. The answer was simple after he sent an internet web request to NAVY 311 who then forwarded his request to Naval Surface Warfare Center Division Crane where a technician verified a new screen would be shipped and installed upon receipt.

Beyond serving Sailors, NAVY 311 is a great resource for family members and civilians with connections to the Navy. The fiance of a seaman recruit going through boot camp at Great Lakes Recruit Training Command telephoned NAVY 311 because she had not received a Navy allotment payment for herself and daughter. She needed to contact her fiance. NAVY 311 forwarded this request to Chaplain Care, and she was put in contact with the recruit via the local duty chaplain. As a result, the recruit and his fiance were able to sort out their finances.

No matter your reason for contacting NAVY 311 or what source of support ultimately answers your inquiry, NAVY 311 will track your ticket from beginning to end to ensure you get the answer you need. It's easy to call at 1-855-NAVY 311 (1-855-628-9311) and easy to click at (online form or chat).

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