Hope grows in tiny flower garden on Misawa AB

Photos by Yoshihito Morita
Photos by Yoshihito Morita

Hope grows in tiny flower garden on Misawa AB

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

A flower garden outside the Red Cross office on Misawa Air Base means a lot to Yoshihito Morita, a Stars and Stripes employee who works on base.

“I like this flower garden as it always refreshes me,” said Morita, who enjoys watering the garden when he needs a break. “I always come here to water the plants whenever I feel stressed or tired.” 

Right now, pinkish and yellow tulips and tall narcissus are blooming in the garden.

“The garden looks a little lonely to me this year,” he said with smile. “It can’t show its beautiful flowers to as many people because most of us have been working remotely since the Covid-19 outbreak.”

With cute violet flowers soon to bloom, the garden is ready to hit its peak.

“I sincerely hope the flower garden will be as beautiful as last year,” Morita said. “It’s amazing how a little garden like this can be so uplifting.”

If you’re on Misawa, remember to keep practicing social distancing. But, if you’re by the Red Cross, stop by and take a peek at this little garden filled with hope and promise.

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