Fans can use their commissary for big game menus

Fans can use their commissary for big game menus

by Kevin L. Robinson
DeCA Public Affairs

FORT LEE, Va. – Football fans can get all they need for their tailgate menu or television snacks at extra savings at their commissary, said the Defense Commissary Agency’s director of sales.

“As the start of football season approaches, we want our patrons to know that their commissary has all the food they need at significant savings,” said Tracie Russ, DeCA’s sales director. “Our stores do a great job of displaying the items that fit their football-watching venues.”

Through the fall, commissaries will offer discounts beyond everyday savings on meat for the grill and barbecuing supplies like charcoal, fruit and vegetable platters, water, soft drinks, snacks, the ingredients for that special football family recipe, condiments, paper plates, cups, plastic cutlery and more.

“Before they even enter their store, our patrons can access to help them maximize their shopping experience,” Russ said. “Whether it’s our commissary brands, items listed in the Your Everyday Savings (YES!) program, digital coupons linked to the Commissary Rewards Card, featured discount items, sidewalk sales, the sales flyer, exclusive savings, coupons, they can get information right here.”

Commissary patrons can also check out “end-of-the-aisle” displays in the store for themed items with extra low pricing, Russ added.

Overseas stores may have substitute events for certain promotional programs. Customers should check with their store manager or visit their store page to verify what’s available at their particular store. Here are a few areas to consider for commissary savings:

  • Commissary brands. From Aug. 20 to Sept. 9, your commissary is offering special savings on Freedom’s Choice cheese: string cheese, cheese sticks, sliced, singles and cream cheese. Your commissary now offers five commissary brand lines: Freedom’s Choice (food products such as water, flavored water enhancers, juices, powdered soft drinks, bag tea, condiments, peanut butter, rice and dry beans, flour and cooking spray), HomeBase (non-food products such as paper towels, garbage bags, aluminum foil, paper plates and cups), TopCare (healthcare and beauty supplies), TippyToes (baby food and products) and Full Circle Market (natural and organic products). 
  • Your Everyday Savings. YES! items include popular brands of flavored iced teas, pasta, macaroni and cheese, Spam, yogurt, nutritional shakes, potato chips and other selected snack foods, apple juice, vegetable juice, coffee creamer, coffee, energy drinks, soup, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, avocadoes, paper towels and bottled water.
  • Commissary Rewards Cards. Manufacturers have provided digital coupons for patrons who want to skip clipping paper coupons and save even more on their commissary purchases. Click here for more information.
  • Featured items and sales flyers. Commissary patrons can click here for the latest featured items and sales flyers, offering them a gateway to items on sale, quick tips, recipes, meal solutions and more.

“The commissary is the best option for military members and their families to save significant money on the foods they enjoy as the watch their favorite football team,” Russ said. “It’s always worth the trip.”

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