Camp Fuji’s Marines hit the water at Yokosuka NB

Camp Fuji’s Marines hit the water at Yokosuka NB

by Staff Sgt. Daniel Evans
Combined Arms Training Center Camp Fuji

COMBINED ARMS TRAINING CENTER, CAMP FUJI, Japan -- On February 3, 2023. the Marines of the Non-Tactical Vehicle section and several Marines from S-4 Logistics travelled to Yokosuka Naval Base to increase their knowledge of the Marine Corps Water Survival Program.

Instructors also tested the Marines’ capabilities of a series of aquatic conditioning drills. 

Photo by Courtesy Photo

The training consisted of different survival strokes and 25-meter sprints, as well as other exercises such as push-ups, flutter kicks, and gutter ups.

The Marines started with just green-on-green or “slick” and progressed to wearing full-fatigues including boots.

The conditioning session ended with the Marines identifying their blouse and trousers in the deep end of the pool, get dressed without touching the wall, and retrieving a brick from the bottom of the pool floor.

Marines are inherently amphibious by nature and are expected to operate and survive in chaotic, and aquatic environments.

Training helps the Marines with their confidence in the water and increases their chance of survival if they find themselves in these situations.

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