Bringing it Back to the Basics

Bringing it Back to the Basics

by Missy Cornish 18th Force Support Squadron
Stripes Japan
We are all hitting the first quarter of 2016 but how many of you are still working toward that New Year’s Resolution? In the January edition of Venture Magazine, I suggested you don’t make a resolution but instead, change your mindset.
When you set your mind to doing something better for yourself and you follow through with it for at least three weeks, the habit starts to form and the following weeks tend to be easier than the first. The rituals of working out and prepping for healthier meals seem to be what you “want to do” versus “have to do.” The next thing you know, your uniform fits looser and the jeans zip up easier and your workouts seem to flow more naturally.
But again this is what happens when you make the decision to make a change and stick with it no matter if it rains or shines.
Life is unpredictable and excuses quickly turn into reasons in our mind. The meals don’t get made and the workouts are delayed or forgotten due to work, kids, activities and more. This means, once again, you are last on your own priority list. 
Living in West Texas I used to see tornados all the time. They start small and as they move along they tend to get larger and pick up more and more junk along the way. It becomes uncontrollable as it rolls down its unpredictable path causing more damage with each turn it takes. Are you a tornado or a breath of fresh air?
It is never too late to start over and to bring it back to the basics! We all envision how we would like to feel or look like and the fact is anything is possible. But you have to start small, be patient and always be consistent to be able to start and continue seeing and feeling results. April showers bring May flowers, which in my world, means we were able to hide for a while. But it’s time to bloom. It’s time to enjoy the nice weather in shorts and bathing suits and get out of the sweats and jeans that allowed us to disappear. January is gone as is February and March. Let’s not let April and May go by before we decide to start our change.
Bringing back the basics is simple: if you take 15 minutes a day and eventually either increase your time or your level of exertion, you will see small changes become bigger ones. These changes don’t have to be like the tornado. They can be positive, uplifting and yes, even a breath of fresh air. April to May will be your start to making things automatic. Waking up half an hour earlier to complete your exercises or taking part of your lunchtime or pushing it out before dinner.
Whatever you decide to do…do it! June will lead into July and half of 2016 is gone. Sometimes later becomes never so stop waiting and start doing!
These basic exercises incorporate many of your major muscles so think of it as multi-tasking. You can get more accomplished in less time but still burn the necessary calories and stimulate the body in a way that change is inevitable. Take the time to eat three to six smaller meals that have lean proteins, vegetables and carbohydrates like brown rice versus one big meal or several junk meals filled with high fats, sugary carbohydrates and empty calories like soda and alcohol.
Love your water, your healthy options, your workouts and your body. You only have one so treat it like it is priceless…because it is!
Exercise 1 • 
Level 1 • This is done standing up next to the wall. Allow yourself to come toward the wall and then press your body away.
Level 2 • On the ground with knees dropped to the floor. The line from the head to the knees is straight. The glutes should not stick out or up.
Level 3 • Toes on the ground and shoulders remain over the wrists. Eyes look about a foot in front of the finger tips. Think of curling a tail between your legs so that your abdominals stay engaged and your back does not take over.
Level 4 • Using a ball increased the level of difficulty but keeping the technique from Level 3 is most important before moving to this option.
Exercise 2 • SQUAT
Level 1 • Take the feet a little wider than hip distance. As you sink down, think of trying to sit in a chair that someone has pulled out from underneath you. Weight is in your heels and toes pulled up in your shoes so that your hips remain back and your knees stay over your feet but not past your toes. Your chest remains lifted and shoulders rolled back. Eyes on the horizon.
Level 2 • Set up is the same as Level 1 but your range of motion is deeper in the squat with your knees always following your toes’ direction.
Level 3 • Incorporate a squat with an explosive jump up and back into a squat. This raises the heart rate due to using the big muscles in a plyometric exercise.
Exercise 3 • LUNGE
Level 1 • Start with the feet under the hips and slide one foot back as if you are standing on railroad tracks. Lift the back heel high. Keep your chest up and slowly drop your back knee to a 90-degree angle. As the back knee bends the front will too.
Level 2 • Increase the range of motion and/or the speed, always keeping the front knee bent facing the toe.
Level 3 • Once the technique is perfected then plyometrics can be a tough addition by jumping from a right lunge to a left lunge and back.
Exercise 4 • BURPEES
Level 1 • Remain standing but step back into a right lunge and then step together and back into a left lunge.
Level 2 • Reach for the sky and then down to the ground. Step back one leg at a time to plank position with your body in one straight line. Step back up one leg at a time and stand.
Level 3 • Jump to the sky and reach for the ground. Jump both feet back to plank position keeping hands flat at all times. Jump the feet back in and jump to the sky again.
Make a calendar for yourself. Mark on there your workout times and how many of each exercise you plan to do. 
For example: Monday 6 am... and maybe again at 7 pm
Exercise 1 (Level 2)
20 reps
Exercise 2 (Level 1)
20 reps
Exercise 3 (Level 3)
10 reps
Exercise 4 (Level 1)
10 each leg
There is no need to get crazy, just get moving! Step back and tell yourself it is ok to go back to the basics because the basics will build me to where I want to be.
Want to get yourself started? Visit the Risner Sports Pro Shop to get the gear you need and head over to the Risner Fitness Center to take advantage of their classes, equipment healthy food options!
Risner Fitness Center • 634-5128
Risner Sports Pro Shop • 966-7431

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