10 ideas to spice up your patio space

Pillows on an outdoor bench
Pillows on an outdoor bench

10 ideas to spice up your patio space

by Anna Leigh Bagiackas
Stripes Japan

Patio season is once again upon us, and you may want to add a few things to freshen up this outdoor space you plan to spend more in.

You can, of course, invest a lot of time and money in some great patio furniture or landscaping, but there are also some simple ways of mixing up your outdoor space to make it a more special place to spend time with family or friends. Here are a few ideas to get you imagining:

Lights and lanterns: As the sun sets, the patio mood is all about the outdoor lighting. Add lighting through glass Mason jars with tea light candles, solar-powered lanterns on the table or lights among plants or flowers around the yard or fairy lights hung along a fence or wall.

Plants: Fill pots or planters with flowers, vegetable or fruit plants, grasses or herbs for some low maintenance decor.

Bird house/feeder: Keep the birds visiting your backyard by giving them a place to feed or hang out. Bird houses can also offer the family a new hobby of birdwatching as well as great lively conversation.

Blankets and pillows: Whether it is chair cushions for dining chairs or fun pillows for a sunchair, make your space as comfy as possible so your family will want to be outside with you. Look for cooler colors that won’t heat up in the summer sun. You can also look for fabrics that won’t fade in the sun.

Heat: Make your space warmer at night with a portable outdoor heater, mobile fireplace or bonfire spot, that way you can stay outside as long as you want to.

Music: Any space for entertaining should have some music within easy reach. Grab an inexpensive portable speaker so you have tunes wherever you go.

Rugs: While not completely necessary to a patio space, rugs make your brick or concrete patio a little cozier on the feet and finish off your space, so the patio truly feels like another room in your home.

Umbrella: Always be ready for a little rain or blazing hot sun with an umbrella ready to make you comfortable.

Furniture for the kiddos: Maybe your kids want their own space to hang out on the patio—a kids’ area. Look for some kid-sized furniture and accessories as they learn to love being outside with you.

Dishes: Look for some non-breakable and easy-to-clean dishes perfect for summer BBQs and low-maintenance meals outside.

Bring on the long days and nights of sunshine!


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