Free service to all Yokota Newcomers

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Free service to all Yokota Newcomers

by: Military AutoSource | .
published: January 11, 2019

Your Military AutoSource provides a great new service to the Yokota Community for newcomers interested in seeing pre-owned vehicles other than the ones on the base lemon lot.

Every Friday and Saturday at 10:15 a.m., we provide a shuttle service from the Yokota Kanto Lodge to the two most popular downtown used car dealerships in Fussa, Kelly & Kelly Auto Sales and Real Speed Auto. Both shops cater to the military community and can help make your vehicle purchase stress free. Both lots do all the work, are fluent in English, and provide a fresh 2-year JCI policy with each vehicle sold. All you have to do is choose a vehicle, get your own liability insurance policy (required by the base), and register it at the Base Pass & Registration Office. During the visit to each dealership, you will have time to walk around the lots to see what vehicles are available and possibly speak with a representative.

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