CFAY Galley, Navy Fitness present new nutrition guidance

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CFAY Galley, Navy Fitness present new nutrition guidance

by: Joe Schmitt | .
CFAY Public Affairs | .
published: October 11, 2012

YOKOSUKA, Japan (NNS) -- Navy Fitness personnel attended a meal at Command Fleet Activities Yokosuka's (CFAY) Adm. Matthew C. Perry general mess, or "Jewel of the East," Sept. 12.

They were there to present the Navy's new nutritional guide, Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling Series (NOFFS).

According to the Navy Fitness website, "In 2009, Navy subject matter experts began reviewing the existing exercise programs to determine how to best improve performance and reduce training injuries among Sailors. Using input from Sailors, feedback was collected through focus groups, personal interviews and surveys from fleet Sailors, command fitness leaders, and health, fitness and nutrition professionals."

NOFFS focuses on how the body uses food and drinks and turns them into energy, calling this process "fueling." It then categorizes your work or job and what exercise you should be doing. The combination of work, exercise and fueling is tailored to an individual's fitness level. While that might sound complicated the NOFFS sorts that data out.

"Data showed a clear demand for a product that would eliminate the guesswork in developing workout programs for Sailors. [They want] complete balanced and evidence-based workout combined into one training program. Feedback also indicated the desire for a resource that is easy for Sailors to use, while being durable enough to function on operational platforms with typical space and equipment limitations."

The program is now being implemented at various locations including the CFAY galley. Local Navy Fitness representatives John Benningfield and Nate Grubb handed out pamphlets that explained how the program could help Sailors who eat at the galley.

"We're doing some outreach to get people interested in the NOFFS, get the information out there and let them know what resources are available and answer any questions they might have," said Grubb. "We've been focusing on nutrition, there is a lot of information out there and it can be a little overwhelming. What the NOFFS do is really break that information down by giving you some really easy rules and steps to follow."

Navy Fitness continues to develop the program with plans to bring it to every galley on shore and ship across the world where the Navy operates.

"We are working to design different elements that will help people that want to do more specific things like building muscle mass or run marathons," said Grubb. "For today, we are getting the information out that will keep all Sailors fit and healthy, so they can continue to carry out whatever they are doing."

Sailors can contact Navy Fitness to find out what the program offers them or pick up a pamphlet from the galley.

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