Spectacular views along road trip in Aomori

by Kazuko Fukuda
Stripes Japan
I was asked recently where I would like to visit in Aomori Prefecture. I started thinking about famous places in the prefecture and noticed how many places I have not been yet. One name then came to my mind: “Kandachime,” (grazing horses) in Shiriya-zaki in Shomokita Peninsula.
So, we took National Route 338 from Misawa, and we headed north. It was beautiful morning to drive and after passing Rokkasho Village, the road was straight and very smooth.
Along the way, we decided to have a rest at Monomi-zaki to view the coastline; blue sky and ocean, the white clouds, waves and green woods were beautiful.
Past Odanosawa in Higashidoori Village, we took Route 248. It was nothing but green and it felt therapeutic being surrounded by all that nature.
After getting on Route 6, we drove straight for a while, enjoying the wonderful coast scenery our left. We went through a gate to a light house and met a calm Kandachime horse that was relaxing away from the rest.
The beautiful day changed our original plan. We decided we needed a tour of this axeshaped peninsula.
So, we returned to Route 6, found Route 279 and headed to Oma, a town famous for its tuna. Route 279 also runs along the coastline and provides an absolutely beautiful view.
Ohma was, as we expected, very crowded. Although we missed tuna for lunch, we enjoyed our time there before hopping on Route 338 to the south and continuing the tour. Next up was Hotoke-ga-Ura (Buddha’s Cove) in Sai.
There we found an observatory with a spectacular view. After checking out the view, we decided to take a walking trail down from the parking lot. Going down took us about 20 minutes, with the difference in elevation being about 100 meters.
The stairs were quite steep, so if you check it out, I would prepare to make the climb with good shoes.
Driving to the south end of Sai was fun because of many hairpincurves and spectacular scenery. Although we wanted to drive to Wakinosawa, famous for cod, we needed to get back to Misawa for an appointment.
We had to cut our trip short, but it was beautiful one – one you should try!

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