A great place near Misawa to make soba


A great place near Misawa to make soba

by: Kazuko Fukuda | .
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published: October 16, 2018

Next to Misawa Air Base, Tonami-an offers a class on making handmade soba noodles (teuchi-soba). I recently took the class, located in Tohoku-machi, which ends with participants getting a chance to taste their handmade noodles. The wonderful buckwheat flavor and chewy texture was delicious!

The soba master, Mr. Juuichi Sato, who holds a 4-dan grade (the highest is 5-dan) and is the highest grade holder in Aomori Prefecture, kindly showed how to make beautiful soba noodles. Mr. Sato gives useful one-on-one advice during the class.

About 15 years ago, he visited a soba-making trial by chance, and was hooked immediately. According to Mr. Sato, the more you make soba, the better you get. He has been instructing at Tonami-an about for nine years and would like to continue as long as possible.

The following steps are the keys to making soba:

1. Mizu-mawashi – combine buckwheat flour and a very little additive such as wheat flour in a mixing bowl. Slowly add water and shape it into a ball, which is called soba-dama. The water should be around 45% of the flour amount.

2. Kone – press and knead (kiku-neri) the soba-dama repeatedly in order to achieve the perfect chewiness. When the surface of soba-dama becomes smooth, it is time for step three.

3. Noshi – roll out the soba-dama to form a thin and flat round shape, before cutting it into a rectangle. The size of the round shape should be about 60 cm in diameter, while the rectangle should be 100 cm on a diagonal line.

4. Kiri – fold the dough in half twice to make it a 1/4 rectangular shape and cut it about 2 mm thick with the special knife for soba.

* The steps take about 40 minutes including the cleanup.
* Anyone interested in soba-making can contact Kazuko at paddys@misawairishpub.com

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