Explore Mt. Fuji without climbing

by Ignatius Koh
Japan Travel
The Fujisan World Heritage Center is a visitor information center in Yamanashi Prefecture that provides insights on Mt. Fuji, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Located near Mt. Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes, this center, opened in June 2013, aims to be a complementary guide for travelers looking to scale the mountain and visit the pristine lakes. It consists of a North and South Hall. The former is a free hall that contains nature exhibitions, showing Mt. Fuji's features and its natural history, while the latter — with a ¥420 entry fee — is a cultural exhibition hall that houses a large 3D paper-made Mt. Fuji.
For the bibliophiles, the Fujisan Library in the South Hall is filled with books about Mt. Fuji that span across time. Some of the books complement the exhibitions and provide further information about the mountain. Talks and workshops are also held regularly so don't miss the opportunity to learn more about Mt. Fuji. Despite Mt. Fuji being some distance away, the center's concept of building a complex with an unobstructed view of the mountain has allowed visitors to enjoy an impressive view.
A 21-year process culminating in Mt. Fuji's recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site ended in 2013, when the mountain was granted its newfound status as a place of great cultural value. For those who are unable to scale the mountain, perhaps a visit to the Fujisan World Heritage Center might leave you feeling a similar sense of awe with the mountain.
Getting there:
Take the JR Chuo Line from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Otsuki Station, and then transfer to the to Kawaguchiko Station. From Kawaguciko Station, take the "RETRO BUS" and alight at “Prefectural Fuji Visitor Center Entrance”.

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