Go to new heights to explore Shinjuku, Tokyo


Downtown Shinjuku can be one of the liveliest and most intimate places in Japan with all kinds of subcultures. The western part of...

5 things to do while traveling solo


As any traveler can tell you, traveling alone carries its own benefits and disadvantages. For some people, doing activities by...

Things to do on the way to Shimoda

Shimoda, a coastal town located on Japan’s Izu Peninsula, offers sandy white beaches and many must-see attractions, a perfect...

6 tips to travel green

It may be hard to “go green,” especially when traveling. However, imagine how much cleaner your favorite major city maybe if...
Photos by Sleiman Azizi

Soka Senbei Garden in Saitama

You would be forgiven for thinking that senbei rice crackers were the ninja of Japanese food. Hiding in plain sight in literally...

A great place near Misawa to make soba


Next to Misawa Air Base, Tonami-an offers a class on making handmade soba noodles (teuchi-soba). I recently took the class, located...

Chiang Mai Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Guide

Thailand is home to the largest land animal alive today, and it happens to be the icon of Thailand. Can you guess what it is? Yes...
Photos courtesy of Suo-Oshima town

Explore Suo-Oshima, a beautiful island off Iwakuni

Suo-Oshima, aka Yashima Island, near MCAS Iwakuni, is a popular tourist attraction in the Setouchi (inland sea) region of Japan...
Photos courtesy of Korea Tourism Organization

DMZ, a symbol of peace and culture


The Demilitarized Zone, more commonly referred to as the DMZ, was set up and agreed upon during the armistice agreement. Roughly 20...


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