If you're in Sasebo, you need to visit Hirado


The exotic look created by traditional Japanese homes shadowed by gothic-style cathedrals and a Dutch Trading Post with stone port...

Photos by Takahiro Takiguchi

MATSUMOTO: More than an elegant castle town

Located in the central basin of mainland of Japan, the elegant castle city of Matsumoto is surrounded by beautiful plateaus and...
Photo by Nano Betts

Tokyo’s beautiful foliage: A look at 5 Japanese gardens


Foliage is in pick season in Tokyo right now and it would have been a pity not to feature this gorgeous sighting!

Tokyo is...

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How to create a captivating travel journal

Recording trips these days are often done through a smartphone. Your plane ticket, maps, pictures, down to your itineraries are...
Photo by Norio Muroi

Tokyo expo to feature vintage, latest in bicycles Nov. 9-11


Cycle Mode International 2018 is slated for Nov. 9-11, highlighting the popularity of cycling in Tokyo as an economic, healthy and...

Exploring Japan easy with PASMO and SUICA cards!

When traveling within mainland Japan, the two most common transportation cards are PASMO and SUICA. Both cards allow you to use...
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What to expect at Chiang Mai lantern festival 2018

Thailand is famous for its unique and vibrant festivals, and most Thai festivities are rooted in the traditions and beliefs of...
Photos by Takiguchi Takahiro

My FAVES: Day trippin' in Japan

The Land of Rising Sun is home to many amazing tourist attractions. You may have been told to visit Kyoto and Nara, or an MWR...
Photos by Sarah Hodge

Kamakura more than just a great Buddha

A convenient 20-minute train ride from Yokosuka or approximately one hour from Tokyo Station, Kamakura is a fantastic choice for...


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