Photos by David Krigbaum

Meiji-mura: A victorian village in Japan

It was a period of rapid change. Men and women walked in kimono and the latest haikara (high-collar) Western fashions on noisy...
A visitor to the Kazura Bridge completes the 45-meter walk across the bridge. (AYA ICHIHASHI/STARS AND STRIPES)

Tokushima Prefecture’s attractions go beyond the Awa Odori festival season


When I think of the main attractions of Tokushima, the prefecture where I was born and raised, a few things come to mind: Beautiful...

Photos courtesy of Sora Culture Festival Executive Committee

Traditional arts on display at Iwakuni festival Nov. 24

In Japan, many consider autumn the best season to appreciate the arts. The nice weather makes visiting a museum or music hall...
Silky blue, Kamado Jigoku, photo by Diagoras Kalaitzoglou

Beppu a hot spring haven in Japan

Beppu, one of the best hot spring cities in the world, is also known for its “hells” (in Japanese “jigoku”). Seven photogenic hot...
Photos by Rey Waters

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse: Unique shopping and entertainment in historic buildings

The Yokohama Bay area is packed with attractions and events that can meet just about every desire. For the past three years, I...

The best holiday gifts for your favorite travelers

Travelers can be especially difficult to shop for during the holiday season. What do you get for friends or loved ones who would...
Photos by Takahiro Takiguchi

Japanese resort town of Shuzenji perfect for day trip

If you are on a U.S. military installation in the Kanto Plain and are looking for a one-day trip to experience a traditional...
Photos by David Krigbaum

Let's explore the naval history outside Sasebo’s gates

One of the things I like the most about living in Sasebo is that its naval history surrounds me and is accessible as well as on a...

Hittin’ the slopes on the mainland Japan

It will soon be skiing and snowboarding season, and if you are in Japan, you couldn’t be in a better place!


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