Tokyo to Misawa: Time for a Japan road trip!


Travelogue: Tokyo to Misawa via open road

An eight-hour road trip covering 400 miles from Tokyo to Misawa...

Photos by Simone Armer

Road Trippin' in Kyushu, Japan (Part I)

I would have never considered disappearing into the countryside for four days by myself. Growing up in a city where danger is...

Kanazawa District, Yokohama: Real-life art in the present day

The Kanazawa district of Yokohama City, 10 miles north of Yokosuka Naval Base, was once known as a popular sightseeing attraction...

MY FAVES: Onsen to soak in

Japan is known as a treasure box of hot springs. In fact, there are 3,084 hot spring sites along with 20,972 bathing facilities...

Singapore’s historic Kampong Glam ignites with passion

The historical precinct of Kampong Glam will soon be pulsating with an exciting series of fun and entertaining activities for...
Image: Hong Kong Tourism Board

Immerse yourself in Sham Shui Po like locals do

Behind skyscrapers and shopping malls, there is another world to explore in Hong Kong. Look beyond the established attractions to...

Time to heat up in a Japanese onsen


Imagine soaking outdoors in a steaming hot pool made of natural rocks. You take a deep breath as you survey the panoramic mountain...

Photo courtesy of  Tokyo Sento Association

Enjoy a soak at a sento while in Japan


Most foreigners believe that all public baths are onsen. But that’s not true. There is another type of public bath, sento, that...


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