Photos by Chihon Kim

Day Trip to Seoul

Listen up, because this may be the most important part of the story. It’s hard for me to admit, but I almost got lost taking the...
The golden light of the sunrise light up the cloud covered valley. Photo by Sandro Bernardinello

Hokkaido home to Japan’s largest national park

With 2,267 square kilometers of stunning mountains, it is the largest national park of Japan. It boasts an incredible...
Photos courtesy of Sapporo City

Sculpted beauty at Sapporo Snow Festival

Hundreds of gigantic, eye-catching castles, shrines, Disney characters and Darth Vader of Star Wars will be shining February...

Exploring Nara: Delve deeper into this beautiful, deer-loving city

Tucked away to the south of Kyoto lies another of Japan’s ancient capitals, Nara. Peaceful and picturesque, it’s home to an...

Japan's Hakuba Valley a skier’s paradise

Interested in hitting the slopes in Japan this season? Before you do, check out this guide which has everything you need to know...

Year-round winter wonderlands in Japan


The first winter sport to make it big in Japan was ice skating, in the winter of 1877 in Sapporo, Hokkaido. An American professor...

Photo by Mark Asao

Fuji, Hakone tour a must: Experience the breathtaking views


On our recent visit back to Tokyo, one of the items on top of our list was to take a tour of Mount Fuji. We attempted to see Mount...

Photo courtesy of Statepoint

Top ways air travel is changing for passengers

At any given time, up to 5,000 aircraft are in American skies. Ten million passenger flights took place in 2016. The “Golden Age...
Tokyo Skytree (File photo)

7 things to make your winter trip even cooler

So you’ve finally landed in your dream city, Tokyo. And while everything is amazing and fun … it’s also really cold—cold enough...


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