Sea of coral reef seen from Higashi Village

Discovering Higashi-son, Okinawa: A natural paradise in paradise


An area of absolutely astounding beauty, Higashi-son village is a paradise in paradise. Higashi-son village is located in the...

48 hours in Taipei: Cocktails, dim sum and mountain hikes


Taipei’s eclectic bar scene, vibrant night markets and relaxed vibe has made it one of Asia’s trendiest destinations.


Knowing your sake and shochu: Become an expert at the Japan Sake and Shochu Information Center

The local beverages sake and shochu present themselves in a variety of expressions that many people — both foreigners and...
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The ultimate ski resort guide in South Korea


Brace yourselves, winter is upon us. So is the ski & snowboarding season here in South Korea! Which is why we’ve put together a...

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Purikura: Photo booth fun in Japan

No one quite does cute like Japan. 
And what could be cuter than a sticker sheet of your own face? 
Photos by Nano Betts

Things to see on your first visit to Tokyo

Trip to Tokyo is a psychedelic experience and no guidebook, documentary or movie can prepare you for it. Home to more than 13...

Godzilla returns at Tokyo exhibit through Jan. 27

Godzilla, together with his friends and enemies, continues to entertain in theaters and on television screens around the world....

Road trippin' from Tokyo to Misawa ... and Sasebo & Iwakuni


Travelogue: Tokyo to Misawa via open road

An eight-hour road trip covering 400 miles from Tokyo to Misawa...

Photos by Takahiro Takiguchi and Futoshi Shinozuka

MISAWA: Pro-American city offers plenty of natural and gastronomical attractions

Located in the north end of mainland of Honshu, Misawa City is home to a U.S. Air Force Base as well as a popular tourist...


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