An itinerary made for Asakusa


Asakusa is a beautiful area filled with many things to do and see. If you haven’t already been, here are a few things you can add...

Photo by Bronwyn O'Neill

Scuba diving the waters of Ishigaki: Several diving tours offered at Okinawan paradise

Ishigaki Island is closer to Taiwan than mainland Japan, and is a truly gorgeous tropical location.

Moxibustion - Feel the burn


With the cold of winter upon us, many people will begin to “feel” the weather. Lower backs will hurt, while bones and joints will...

The Edo-Tokyo Museum: Photo by Hayden Murphy

Edo-Tokyo Museum: The life, times, and citizens of a world famous city


Tokyo is one of the world's great cities, and with 38 million people in its metro area, also the world's largest. Not surprisingly...

Hey! Get off base and check out these events!


Editor's note: There's a lot of stuff happening off base, so read below and then head off for some fun! (This was updated June 24...

A walk in the sky above Shinjuku


Downtown Shinjuku can be one of the liveliest and most intimate places in Japan with all kinds of subcultures. The western part of...

May to October is considered the best time to hit Tahiti -- but really, does it matter if you get to go to experience the tropical paradise? Here's five things to do if you get the chance.

5 Things to see in Tahiti


While mental images of Tahiti might bring about a tropical paradise of beaches, fruity cocktails and beautiful, blue seas, many...

Take a trip through time at The Railway Museum


Considered a sanctuary for rail-fans of all ages, The Railway Museum, or Tetsudo Hakubutsukan, attracts more than 1 million...

This weekend’s baseball schedule (June 23-25)

Yokota, Yokosuka, Zama, Atsugi
Giants vs. Dragons @Tokyo Dome 6 p.m.


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