Check out Flower Festivals on Japan



Photos by Nano Betts

Flower Power: Annual spring festivals always produce a crowd


If you think cherry blossom season is the only exciting event this spring, you are in for a huge surprise. Acknowledging the...

Moxibustion: Feel the burn


With the cold of winter upon us, many people will begin to “feel” the weather. Lower backs will hurt, while bones and joints will...

A vistor examines the upper berths at the Train Hostel Hokutosei in Tokyo.  Photos by Japan News-Yomiuri

Elements of sleeper train revived as Tokyo hostel


In 1988, the Hokutosei sleeper express was the first train to use the Seikan tunnel to link Ueno Station in Tokyo to Sapporo, a...

‘Little Edo’ on Kanto Plain offers superb one-day stroll

Streets lined with traditional clay-walled warehouses, a three-tiered bell tower, a majestic castle and numerous Shinto shrines...

Hey! Get off base and check out these events!


Editor's note: There's a lot of stuff happening off base, so read below and then head off for some fun! (This was updated Feb. 17...

Courtesy of Kyoto Seishu Netsuke Art Museum

Ancient art on display in Tokyo


What they lack in size, they can make up in value.

Netsuke, or miniature carvings from ivory, bone or wood, were a way...

The first and last: Japan’s Yawata Steel Works a WWII target


Many places in Japan suffered repeat bombings in World War II, but only one had the dubious distinction of being the first, and...

The 15m tall Buddha statue.  Photo courtesy of Stefanus Husin

Take a trip to Todaiji Temple


Todaiji Temple, also known as the Great Eastern Temple, is one of Japan's most famous temples and is an iconic landmark of Nara...


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