A South Korea soldier stands guard in May at the Joint Security Area of the Demilitarized Zone, which divides the two Koreas. (AARON KIDD/STARS AND STRIPES)

Two Koreas to hold military talks on easing border tensions this week


SEOUL, South Korea – North and South Korean military officers will discuss ways to ease border tensions Thursday in the truce...

Don’t skip that first meal when in Tokyo


My love affair with Tokyo’s brunch and coffee scene is as strong as ever, so I thought it was high time to share the updated post...

Did you know?: Higan, Buddhist memorial service

Higan is a seven-day Buddhist memorial service held three days before, after and on the spring and autumn equinox (Mar. 21 and...
Photos by Kelsea Davidyuk

Yoga + Military Life

What word comes to mind when you think of the world we live in today? For me, it’s overwhelming. Each one of us is pulled in a...

Did you know?: Okinawan Bullfighting


Bullfighting is big on Okinawa, but unlike fights in Spain, no bulls are actually killed in the competition. A winner is decided...

Speakin' Japanese: School sayings

Once again our military children are back in school. And Japanese kids are headed back after summer break (their school year...

Remnants of Okinawa help connect service member to late grandfathers


“We crossed the island fast, it was a cakewalk; when we turned south then all hell broke loose.”

Michael Hart, a Reservist...

Fitness without a gym


So you thought you could get ripped by forking over that heavy wad of cash to your gym every month, but then you never manage to...


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