Warrant Officer Harumitsu Fujimoto

Spotlight on You: Warrant Officer Harumitsu Fujimoto

USO Japan honors service members: Warrant Officer Harumitsu Fujimoto

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published: December 04, 2018
Warrant Officer Harumitsu Fujimoto
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Warrant Officer Harumitsu Fujimoto contributed as a chairman of Non-Commissioned Officer’s Association in Camp Ichigaya through many events such as the orchard tour, beach tour for shellfish gathering, the Special Olympic Games in Camp Yokota for enhancing the relationship between Japan and the United States. 
Warrant Officer Fujimoto currently serves under the Command Sergeant Major of the Central Service Support Unit through military map management for unit readiness. Major awards of WO Fujimoto include two ribbons of grade 5 for his achievement from the 9th Reconnaissance Unit Commander in 1992, and General Service Commander of Camp Hirosaki in 1999, a ribbon of grade 5 for his safe driving from the 9th Reconnaissance Unit Commander in 1992, a ribbon of grade 5 for his improving service from Central Service Support Unit Commander in 2013, a ribbon of grade 4 from Commanding General of Northeastern Army in 2001, and a ribbon of grade 3 from Commanding General of the 9th Division in 2007.

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