Tech.Sgt. Christopher Koval

Spotlight on You: Tech.Sgt. Christopher Koval

Airlifter of the Week: Tech.Sgt. Christopher Koval

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published: November 04, 2017

Congratulations to Tech.Sgt. Christopher Koval, 374th Maintenance Group quality assurance inspector, on being the Airlifter of the Week!

Koval is the 374th Maintenance Group's sole avionics quality assurance inspector, validating the proficiency and performance of over 70 Airmen in four career fields on a monthly basis.

He is also a contracting officer representative for the Airlift Wing's corrosion prevention and wash contract, monitoring eight local national contractors as they execute aircraft washes on Yokota's C-130 Hercules and Super Hercules fleet.

Koval is an aggressive inspector who routinely outperforms his peers.

Over the last six months, he has accomplished 408 inspections, 42% more than the average amongst the other seven inspectors, while sustaining an 84% overall pass rating, a full six points better than his peers.

He also executed "Quick Look" investigations for two incidents involving aircraft and one Airman injury.

The data provided by Koval was vital to facilitating accurate root cause analysis and informed decision making.

In addition to this, Koval is highly engaged with the community.

He has completed six credit hours of Japanese language classes over the last four months.

This has enabled him to volunteer at a local Japanese church weekly.

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