Tech. Sgt. Yoshiko George

Spotlight on You: Tech. Sgt. Yoshiko George

Airlifter of the Week: Tech. Sgt. Yoshiko George

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published: November 09, 2017

Congratulations to Tech. Sgt. Yoshiko George, 374th Medical Group executive officer, for being this week’s Airlifter of the Week!

George leads daily operations and facilitates care for over 11K beneficiaries for the Ears, Nose & Throat Clinic. Her work ethic and unit involvement has set her apart from peers as an outstanding leader as she constantly demonstrates the Wing’s priority of “People and Readiness” in order for the base to be ready to fight by ensuring medical readiness.

Furthermore, she epitomizes the Air Force Core Value of Service Before Self. She has provided 70 hours of training to 11 Victim Advocates and 153 hours as a SAPR VA providing direct aid and resource assistance to victims. But her efforts don’t just stop there. She organized 3 SAPR events and was a key member of the Asian American Pacific Island Heritage Committee wherein she helped raise $785 to help promote cultural awareness for 5 events and over 3,000 attendees.

Lastly, TSgt. George is a rising star and highly visible leader in the Wing through her service as a Green Dot initiator. She has equipped 164 women with self-defense instruction useful to combating and preventing violence. As a result of TSgt. George’s outstanding achievements, she was the number one pick for the MDG Executive Office, a position normally held by a FGO. In the 3 months she has sat in the position she has closed over 70 taskers, governed 5 DV visits and synchronized our medics with all of the Wing’s MVPs.

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