Tech Sgt. Markel L. Sykes

Spotlight on You: Tech Sgt. Markel L. Sykes

Airlifter of the Week: Tech Sgt. Markel L. Sykes

by: Yokota Air Base | .
U.S. Air Force | .
published: December 05, 2017

Congratulations to Tech Sgt. Markel L. Sykes, 374th Logistics and Readiness Squadron vehicle operations control center NCO in charge, on receiving Airlifter of the Week!

Sykes leads the work center responsible for all military personnel and cargo transportation on Yokota Air Base.

He was recognized with a Letter of Accomplishment from the 7th Fleet Commander for coordinating the ground transportation which enabled the dignified transfer of US Navy Sailors killed in maritime accidents.

Sykes has also taken on multiple volunteer rolls including a lead planner for Women's History Month, coordinating his units adoption of the 225-RIDE program and teaching youth football focusing on teamwork and safety.

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