Tech. Sgt. Antonio gueits

Spotlight on You: Tech. Sgt. Antonio gueits

Airlifter of the Week

by: Yokota Air Base | .
374th Operations Group | .
published: August 11, 2015

Congratulations to Tech Sgt. Antonio Gueits for being the Airlifter of the Week. Keep up the good work TSgt. Gueits!

Gueits, 374th Operations Group resource advisor, successfully aquired funding through the Theater Security Package program to aquire UH-1 hoists. His efforts brought a project, years in the making, to fruition, and obtained a vital tactical capability with strategic impact to Team Yokota. Gueits is an active member of the community leading a group of 11 boys through the local Cub Scout organization. Through the year he hosted dozens of meetings, organized six outings, and made a tremendously positive impact on the lives of children.

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