Kenichi Ogasawara, Graphic designer
Kenichi Ogasawara, Graphic designer

Stripes Graphic Designer recalls childhood in Hanamaki

by Takahiro Takiguchi
Stripes Japan

Kenichi Ogasawara, Graphic designer

Hanamaki City, Iwate Pref.
Has been with Stars and Stripes: since 1982.
Favorite Baseball Team: Chunichi Dragons 
Hobbies or interests: Collecting Carpenter’s LPs and CDs. I own more than 800 LPs, CDs and DVDs of the Carpenters. When their LPs were re-issued in Japan, I was asked to lend my collection. I also had a chance to exchange LPs with Richard Carpenter.
On my free time, I also manage my own website “Manganime,” where I blend manga and animation ( to make animated shorts.

Q. What is your favorite memory of growing up in Hanamaki?
A. Participating in the famous Hanamaki Matsuri is definitely one of my favorite memories in the city.

Q. When you visit, what is the must-go place to go in Hanamaki?
A. I haven’t missed to visit my home town where I lived with parents and brothers. Some of the old shops and hot springs I used to frequent in my youth are another locations to visit.

Q. How did you end up working for Stars and Stripes?
A. After I graduated from college with a degree of business administration, and completed an art school program where I studied the art of illustration, manga and animation, I applied for a job listing for Stars and Stripes I found in a Japanese newspaper.

Q. What has been the best thing about working at Stars and Stripes?
A. In my current position, I have been lucky to work with great people. My coworkers are supportive and through them I have not only become a better designer, but also a better person.

Q. How has S&S has changed throughout your tenure? 
A. You may be surprised, but when I entered here, all of Stars and Stripes’ editorial work was processed in the Tokyo office. So, it was a very active work environment and I was able to see the entire newspaper-making process. We used our hands to lay out papers at that time, which has since been replaced with the Internet and computers.

Q. Final thoughts?
A. Although we now have the news at our fingertips online, for me, the newspaper is still a very important way to distribute news to our readers.

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