Staff Sgt. Jessie Bustos

Spotlight on You: Staff Sgt. Jessie Bustos

Airlifter of the Week: Sgt. Jessie Bustos

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published: December 08, 2016

Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Jessie Bustos for being selected as Airlifter of the Week.

Bustos, 374th Mission Support Group elisted executive officer, leaders a five-person administrative staff and directs five grou-level programs.

According to her leadership, Bustos exemplifies the Wing's "people" priority and follows the Air Force core value of "excellence in all we do." She was a lead planner for the 2016 Staff Sergeant Release Social. While assigned to the Logistics Readiness Squadron, she held the position of Vehicle Operations Dispatcher. Additionally, Bustos was handpicked for the enlisted executive officer position in the Mission Support Group.

For these and more accomplishments, Staff Sgt. Jessie Bustos is Airlifter of the Week!

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