Staff Sgt. Ebonie Waller

Spotlight on You: Staff Sgt. Ebonie Waller

Airlifter of the Week: Staff Sgt. Ebonie Waller

by: Yokota Air Base | .
U.S. Air Force | .
published: November 18, 2017

Congratulations to Staff Sgt. Ebonie Waller, 374th Comptroller Squadron commander support staff, for being this week’s Airlifter of the Week!

Waller runs the front office operations for the Wing Staff Agencies chiefs and customers.

She helps the flow of communication throughout WSA’s 15 different agencies which has made a huge leap in meeting suspenses, EPR/OPR timeliness, in-out processing support, as she constantly demonstrates the Wing’s priority of

“People and Readiness.” Furthermore, she performs the Air Force Core Value of Service Before Self.

She volunteers for United Service Organizations events, where she facilitated two gaming tournaments, the Yokota Amazing Race, and 5K run.

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