SSgt. Nathan Scimone

Spotlight on You: SSgt. Nathan Scimone

Airlifter of the Week: SSgt. Nathan Scimone

by: Yokota Air Base | .
U.S. Air Force | .
published: October 19, 2016

Congratulations to SSgt. Nathan Scimone, 374th Airlift Wing NCO in charge of command post systems, for being chosen as the Airlifter of the Week. Despite a 10 year break in service, Scimone hit the ground running upon return to Active Duty and was awarded "Top Grad" upon completion of the Air Mobility Command's command and control course.

Since arriving at Yokota he has provided C2 support for two POTUS visits and 138 priority missions including almost 4,000 passengers and more than 5,000 tons of cargo.

In his off-time, Scimone has devoted 119 hours to 225-RIDE transporting 369 personnel safely home. Congrats once again and keep up the great work!

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