Sgt Johnathan M. Cobb

Spotlight on You: Sgt Johnathan M. Cobb

USO honors year’s top volunteers

published: September 15, 2016
Representing Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni
Sgt. Johnathan M. Cobb
Hometown: Burlington, NC
Sgt. Cobb attended the U. S. Army Conventional Physical Security and Crime Prevention School where he attained the secondary MOS of 5814.  Upon completion of the school, he served the Provost Marshal’s Office as the Assistant Physical Security Chief.  
In April 2016, he received the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for his efforts during the Mission Assurance Anti-Terrorism assessment as well as the Law Enforcement Accreditation for the Provost Marshal’s Office, as his section was identified as maintaining the best crime prevention and incident response programs in the entire Marine Corps.  
Cobb’s personal decorations include the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and he is married to the former Meredith Denny of Burlington, N.C. 

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