Sergeant First Class Tatsuya Kawamura

Spotlight on You: Sergeant First Class Tatsuya Kawamura

USO Japan honors service members: Sergeant First Class Tatsuya Kawamura

by: Stripes Japan | .
Stripes Japan | .
published: October 18, 2018
Sergeant First Class Tatsuya Kawamura
Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
Sergeant First Class Tatsuya Kawamura participated in Yamasakura Exercise 73 which is a bilateral Command Post Exercise, in 2017 as an interpreter for the Command Sergeant Major of the Northeastern Army. Sergeant First Class Kawamura contributed mutual understanding between Japan and the United States through bilateral Non-Commissioned Officer’s exchange program, Non-Commissioned Officer’s discussion, and some social events. As a Platoon Sergeant, Sergeant First Class Kawamura supports his Company Commander using his incredible leadership and professionalism to accomplish his Unit’s mission. 
The military awards of Sergeant First Class Kawamura includes three ribbons of grade 5 for his achievement from the Heavy Mortar Company Commander of the 5th Infantry Regiment, 20th Infantry Regimental Commander, and Commander of Self-Defense Fleet, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

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