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Spotlight on You: Senior Airman Sarah S. Mitchell

Misawa DJ: ‘Every single person matters’

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published: May 13, 2016
Name: A1C (SrA by May 4th) Sarah S. Mitchell
Station: Misawa AB, Japan
Time here: Since December 2014
Job: Broadcast Journalist - Currently, I’m the morning Radio DJ and play music for the people of Misawa as well as get out awesome info about what’s happening in and around base. Before that I was in the News department for a year; I ran around and filmed things, interviewed people, and made full-on news stories.
Q: What do you enjoy about your job and why?
A: Oh no, this is gonna sound hokey, but I genuinely love meeting people! Meeting people from all over with all sorts of jobs and interests and then sharing what I’ve learned with the rest of the military thanks to the news reports I’ve produced. It’s an awesome feeling to give someone the recognition they deserve.
Q: What’s the importance of AFN?
A: There of course are the obvious answers of getting out the Commander’s message... and help keeping the people informed in emergency situations such as 3/11. And those are very valid and true! Those are a huge part in why AFN is so important, but for me it’s more personal.
AFN shows how every single person in the military matters. Every gosh-darned single one! From the Services guy working at the DFAC, to the Crew Chief over on the flight line and everything in between. They all play important roles in making our military work, and I love showing the rest of the military (and world) that very fact.
I knew a little bit about AFN before getting here thanks to my parents both being military brats, but nothing too substantial. Something about cheesy commercials, maybe...
Q: What tip do you have for the military community in terms of getting off base and exploring this beautiful country?
A: Just go! Truly, just get out there and go. Things might be intimidating what with being in a brand new place with the added bonus of a language barrier, but you’ve just gotta take that step and start movin’. See some dope pictures of a place in Stripes or online? Bam! Trip incentives right there. My advice is to just shove that shyness aside and grab hold of adventure.
Q: What are you most proud of during your career?
A: My career has just begun, so it’s awfully hard to choose something for this. I’m proud of the fact that I’m here. I spent five months in basic training thanks to stress fractures, and I was worried I’d never even get to the operational Air Force... Yet here I am! I was recently selected for BTZ and feel that there is so much more ahead of me. I’m proud of working hard and continuing my career with the Air Force.
Q: So what should AFN listeners tune in to in upcoming weeks? (Here’s your chance to plug an upcoming AFN event, show, app. Etc.)?
A: We’re always covering fun events happening around Misawa! But I am the most excited for American Day coming up this Summer on June 5th! Thousands of people from all over northern Japan come to Misawa to experience this huge event, and of course AFN has got to cover it live! It’ll be an absolute blast, so be sure to listen out for that and other nifty happenings!
–Stripes Japan


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