Senior Airman Jacob R. Gillespie

Spotlight on You: Senior Airman Jacob R. Gillespie

USO honors year’s top volunteers

published: September 15, 2016
Representing Yokota Air Base
Senior Airman Jacob R. Gillespie
Hometown: SrA Gillespie enlisted in the Air Force in February of 2012 and went to technical training at USAFSAM, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, OH. Prior to assuming his present position, he worked as the Occupational Health
Program manager for the 42nd Medical Group where he managed 2,000 flyers and conducted audiograms for hazardous noise-exposed personnel at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.
His achievements include 2013 AETC Public Health Airman of the Year, 2014 Senior Airman Below-the-Zone, 2014 PACAF Team Aerospace of the Year, 2014 374 AMDS Airman of the Year, 2015 374 AW Airman of the Year.


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