Senior Airman Bradley Poirier

Spotlight on You: Senior Airman Bradley Poirier

Beverly Sunrise kicks off, initiates F-16 aircraft generation

by: Senior Airman Brittany A. Chase, 35 Fighter Wing Public Affairs | .
Misawa Air Base | .
published: March 19, 2016

MISAWA AIR BASE, Japan -- Beverly Sunrise 16-03, an Operational Readiness Exercise, officially kicked off at Misawa Air Base, Japan, March 15, 2016.

The operational readiness exercise assesses mission capabilities and ensures Airmen are in a constant state of readiness.

This week is the initial phase of Beverly Sunrise consisting of a mock personnel deployment function, cargo deployment function and aircraft generation. This will test Airmen on their personal and operational readiness.

Generating aircraft includes many functions across the base including 14th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chiefs who, today, conducted routine tire pressure checks. View the photos for more on this story.

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