Petty Officer 3rd Class Jona Alvarado

Spotlight on You: Petty Officer 3rd Class Jona Alvarado

At Sea Aboard the USS Ronald Reagan

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) | .
published: November 09, 2016

Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Alvarado, from Passaic, New Jersey, assigned to the “Diamondbacks” of Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 102, repairs the connectors on an F/A-18F Super Hornet’s aerial refueling stores on the flight deck of the Navy’s only forward-deployed aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76). Aerial refueling stores are used to perform midflight fuel transfers. Ronald Reagan is participating in Exercise Keen Sword 17 (KS17), a biennial, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff-directed, U.S. Pacific Command-sponsored field-training exercise. KS17 is designed to meet mutual defense objectives by increasing combat readiness and interoperability between U.S. forces and the Japan Self Defense Force. Ronald Reagan, the flagship of Carrier Strike Group Five (CSG 5), is on patrol in the Philippine Sea supporting security and stability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

(U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class James Lee/Released)

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